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The K7RA Solar Update

Fri, 06/02/2017 - 11:20

At 2336 UTC on June 1, the Australian Space Weather Forecast Centre issued a Geomagnetic Disturbance Warning for June 2.

“The solar wind is expected to be influenced by a High-Speed Solar Wind Stream over the next 1 or 2 days. The source of this stream is a small coronal hole centered over the equator. Geomagnetic activity may reach active levels.” June 2 geomagnetic conditions are expected to b...

Our Sun’s 11-Year Magnetic Cycle Destined to Disappear

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 16:19

The Sun’s 11-year magnetic cycle appears to be ending, but that won’t happen anytime soon. In a paper submitted on May 26 to the journal Solar Physics, two solar scientists are reinterpreting earlier evidence to hypothesize that the Sun’s rotation rate and magnetic field are in a transitional phase that could lead to lengthening solar cycles, with the cycle ultimately disappearing altogether be...

FCC and OSHA Release Communications Tower Best Practices Guide

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 14:12

The FCC and OSHA have announced the release of a free publication, Communications Tower Best Practices Guide. While aimed more at those who tend commercial communication towers, the guide offers guidance applicable to the Amateur Radio community and contractors working on Amateur Radio antenna support structures. The FCC said the guide was a result of two tower safety workshops.

“Recognizing the...

Canada C3 Sesquicentennial Voyage May be Tracked via WSPR Beacon

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 12:30

An Amateur Radio WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network) beacon has been installed and activated onboard the Canada C3 vessel. The ship departed Toronto, Ontario, on June 1 on a 150-day expedition to Victoria, British Columbia, via the Northwest Passage as part of the Canadian Sesquicentennial celebration. Sponsors are calling it an “epic journey to celebrate Canada and connect Canadian...

Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts Today

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 10:42

June 1 marks the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which continues through November 30. In an average season, based on data from 1981 to 2010, 12 named tropical cyclones should be expected, with 6 of these reaching hurricane intensity, and 3 developing into major hurricanes.

“This outlook is a general guide to the expected overall activity during the upcoming hurricane season,” th...

Ham Radio Aviator Set to Depart on Round-the-World Flight

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 14:51

Brian Lloyd, WB6RQN, is scheduled to take off from Miami, Florida, on June 1 on a solo, round-the-world flight to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s attempt to circumnavigate the globe 80 years ago. Lloyd will be on the air from Spirit, his single-engine Mooney 231 aircraft, during the course of his journey, expected to take 2 months. He will follow Earhart’s historic route to fly around the globe at...

Another Successful WX4NHC Annual Station Test

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 12:19

Over the holiday weekend, WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami logged nearly 200 contacts throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and even Europe, during its annual station test, conducted in advance of the 2017 hurricane season. The annual exercise on May 27 served to check out Amateur Radio Station equipment, antennas, and computer systems. The Atlantic Hurricane Season be...

FEMA Region VI to Conduct Communication Test on 60 Meters

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 12:04

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region VI will conduct a communication test on June 3, from 1300 until 2359 UTC. Region VI consists of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The intent of the test is to complete system checks prior to the “Vigilant Guard” exercise that will take place this summer. Set for August 3-6 from 1300 until 2359 UTC each day, Exercise Vigilant ...

Amateur Radio Provides Communication Link Following Sri Lanka Flooding

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 11:58

Members of the Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL) responded to an urgent call for help in the wake of torrential monsoon rainfall in southwestern Sri Lanka on May 28 that caused flooding and landslides. The Road Development Authority (RDA) contacted RSSL President Jaliya Lokeshwara, 4S7JL, seeking communication help from radio amateurs. The RSSL reports that emergency communication was needed to...

SAQ Transmission on Alexanderson Day Cancelled

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 09:47

There will be no Alexanderson Day over-the-air VLF transmission on June 2 from SAQ, the Alexanderson alternator station in Sweden. SAQ periodically schedules transmissions with the nearly century-old behemoth that operates on 17.2 kHz from the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station. SAQ said the event was cancelled due to ongoing maintenance work at the site.

The station will still observe Alexa...

Strong (G3) Geomagnetic Storm Conditions Reported

Sun, 05/28/2017 - 08:47

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) said strong (G3) geomagnetic storm conditions occurred overnight. The SWPC issued a G3 alert at 0419 UTC on May 28, due to activity associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME) on May 23.

“Although the solar wind speed is relatively slow, the embedded magnetic field had a prolonged period of southward Bz (a magnetic field component) that is causing ...

QB-50 Constellation Satellites Deployed from ISS

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 08:58

More than 2 dozen QB50 constellation CubeSats have been deployed from the International Space Station (ISS), including three carrying Amateur Radio transponders. Built by student groups from 23 countries, the string-of-pearls QB50 constellation aims to study the lower thermosphere 200-380 kilometers above Earth. The satellites were launched to the ISS onboard an Atlas V rocket in March.

In all 2...

The K7RA Solar Update

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 07:56

At 2344 UTC on May 23, the Australian Space Forecast Centre issued a geomagnetic disturbance warning for May 26-27. On May 26, they predict a minor to major storm warning and on May 27 a minor storm. These are due to a “partial halo coronal mass ejection.”

Dr. Skov has a new space weather video:

Average daily sunspot number for the reporting week (May 1...

WX4NHC Announces Communications Test in Advance of 2017 Hurricane Season

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 07:43

Now in its 37th year, WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, will take to the airwaves on Saturday, May 27, for the annual NHC Station Test. The event will begin at 1300 UTC and wrap up at 2100 UTC. The exercise, which involves several bands and modes, serves to test Amateur Radio Station equipment, antennas, and computer systems prior to this year’s Hurricane Season, which sta...

Red Cross Recognizes ARRL Sacramento Valley SEC

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 14:00

The American Red Cross has honored ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Emergency Coordinator Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT, with an Award for Excellence in Service to the ARC’s Gold Country Region. The award  recognizes Kruckewitt’s “outstanding contributions for your many hours of effort developing Red Cross disaster forms templates suitable for transmission over digital radio circuits.”

Kruckewitt has b...