Amateur Radio Technician License Class, Fall 2019

PEARL will be holding classes for the amateur radio Technician Class license test. Individuals looking to enter into the amateur radio hobby and would like to take this class can >CONTACT<  PEARL and select "License Classes" as the category, or send e-mail to

There will be 12 class sessions of approximately 3 hours each on Saturday mornings from 9am to approximately 12pm.

The dates are:

PEARL Summer BBQ 2019

There is not a formal meeting this month (August 2019), in its place will be our annual Summer BBQ.

Hope to see everyone there for good food and good company.


PLEASE NOTE: This year we are having the BBQ at Sycamore Park in Mahopac. This is the same place as where we set up for Field Day. It will be at the pavilion down near the lake.

May 2019 Board Meeting moved to May 5th

For the month of May, the monthly Board meeting will be held on the second Saturday, Saturday the 11th.

Field Day 2019


Once again PEARL will be participating in ARRL's Field Day event. Field day is an event where the objective is to work as many other amateur radio stations in the United States and Canada. Field day is most likely the single largest emergency preparedness drill in the country. PEARL will also be conducting a VE Session Saturday morning for those who want to take an exam for their amateur radio license. For more information regarding the VE Session use the contact form and choose the "License Classes" category.

This year PEARL will be operating from Sycamore Park in Mahopac, see map below.  PEARL will be operating under the K2PUT callsign.