License Classes and Training

Amateur Radio License Classes:

PEARL provides classes to enable people to pass the amateur radio license exams required by the FCC. Classes are held for beginners hoping to obtain their Technician class license. Other classes are for Technicians wanting to upgrade to the General class and General class operators wanting to upgrade to Amateur Extra class. Several PEARL members are certified as VEs by the ARRL so that PEARL can have license exams scheduled through out the year.

To inquire about classes or test sessions, use the CONTACT FORM and select "License Classes" as the category.

Upcoming Classes and Test Sessions:

Upcoming Training Dates:


Emergency Communications:

PEARL members are expected to pass FEMA self-study courses is100b, is200b, and is700a. These classes are the introduction to the Incident Management System. Other FEMA self study courses are also desirable for members to complete (for example is3 and is271). The ARRL also provides courses for emergency communications.

The Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services offers Radiological Monitoring and Radiological Decontamination courses to PEARL members. These courses are needed since PEARL RACES members form the emergency radiological monitoring field teams used by the county.

Upcoming Training Events: